Quest Complete Launch System - Q7700

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This package contains the Lift-Off Launch Pad and the Q2 Controller together for a great savings to the rocketeer!

The Quest Lift-Off Launch Pad features a 36-inch (91cm) two-piece launch rod, blast deflector plate, tilt adjustment, launch rod safety cap and wind streamer. With its wide base design and single-leg tilt adjustment, the Quest Lift-off Launch Pad is equally at home on rocky terrain or smooth grass. Capable of launching all Quest model rockets using “A” to “D” size model rocket motors. Easy to set up and take down - no tools required!

The Quest Model Rocket Launch Controller (Q7510) features a blinking LED arming safety light, an audible beeping armed alarm. Features a futuristic “sure grip” design with a deluxe safety key & streamer. For use with Quest FirstFire™ Micro Initiators. Will also fire other brands of rocket initiators. Requires one 9-volt, snap-top, Lithium battery (not included). You can expect a fresh Lithium battery to give you about 50 launches when used with the FirstFire™ Micro Initiators.